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Midland Radio BT Next | Motorcycle Communicator Review

All told, I am impressed with Midland’s product. I find the features important to me (music from my phone, good intercom and ease of use) are reliable and work well.

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XTC Cameras Help Outdoor Experience

If you’re an outdoorsman, the Midland XTC HD Wearable Video Camera is the ideal way for you to capture and keep those memorable encounters in the woods, fields, and on the water. That 10-pointer you captured on a still camera is nice, but wouldn’t it be better if you could watch him sneaking through the woods ahead of the drivers and stopping just long enough for you to squeeze the trigger or release the arrow?

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Product Review: Midland XTC300 Wearable Action Camera HD for Fishing Video Fun!

The Midland XTC 300 action camera performed excellently, in a variety of fishing situations. I used it for moving shots, head-mounted shots, underwater footage, scenery, and more. The 60fps 720p resolution is nice, but I really prefer the impressive crispness of the 1080p (High res option).

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Midland GXT5000 2-Way Radio Review

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 by Midland representative Stuart Barber, the Midland GXT5000 was presented as a professional, tactical grade, long-range radio made virtually for conditions of war. It showed up on the consumer market in late 2011.

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Midland XTC300VP4 Camera Review

The Midland XTC-300 VP4 continues Midland’s tradition for ease of use, now in HD.

The XTC-300 has surprisingly good video for a camera in this price range

The colors are very accurate and the exposure is perfect in daytime lighting conditions.

The camera also couldn’t be easier to use, with its big rubber on/off slider switch that’s easy to find when wearing heavy motorcycle gloves.

That and the relatively narrow cylinder-like shape of the camera body make it a good choice for helmet mounting.

Plus, the battery lasts longer than most of the other motorcycle video cameras we’ve reviewed, a definite advantage.

Top it all off with a list price of $199.99 for the full kit, which includes a waterproof housing, a car charger and a wall outlet charger and you have one of the nicest motorcycle video cameras you’ll find.

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Midland XT511 Emergency Crank Radio

No service? No sweat. This emergency radio boasts a built-in NOAA weather radio  with 24-hour hazard alerts, 22 communication channels, and 121 privacy codes.  When the batteries run out, it can be powered by its crank handle and can even  charge your phone via USB.

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Bluetooth Communicator Systems

From a fit and finish standpoint, the Midland system is tough to beat. It’s sleek, compact, light, and a rubbery coating makes it feel durable. All of the other hardware is top-notch, too, with slick braided wires and the softest speakers of any system, making it the most comfortable.

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Midland XTC300 High Definition Video Camera Review for Motorcyclists

Nothing’s more annoying than video cameras that do too many things and are difficult to use. A simple, easy-to-use video camera for motorcyclists is Midland’s XTC-300. The 1080p high-definition video camera does just one thing and does it well: it captures video footage (720p and 480p are also options) in MP4 format.

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Midland XTC300VP4 Action Camera Review

“The thing that really made the XTC300 stand out for me was the subtle simplicity. No extra buttons, settings, or options to leave you confused.”

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Survive Anything

Danger doesn’t discriminate. Bad things can happen to any of us at any time, yet outdoorsmen don’t always carry the gear they need to survive. Like the situations themselves, survival kits come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve assembled four here to help you through your next cataclysmic event, no matter when or where it might take place.

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Midland Radio Corporation AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio Review

In light of the recent storms on the east coast, we all know how completely important preparedness can be. Having a NOAA Weather Alert Radio that can run on back-up batteries provides an extra layer of protection to ensure you still receive valuable storm updates directly from the National Weather Service even during power outages. I highly recommend Midland’s WR300 AM/FM Weather Alert Radio. This unit has all the features you would ever need to keep you up-to-date on current weather situations and more. Not to mention, this weather radio will alert you to hazardous weather conditions even while you are asleep.

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Midland: Record the Action

This camera is perfect for the video hungry adventure/traveler who wants to show off their first person point of view. With its four different included mounts and light weight, it can pretty much go anywhere. Strap it on your bike to get a blow by blow of your ride. Take it skydiving with you to give the world your view as you plunge to your… successful landing. You can even throw it in a submersible case and go swimming with it.

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Review: Midland XTC300VP4 Wearable Action Camera

Wearable point of view camera are all the rage right now with everyone that is doing any kind of action sport strapping cameras on to give the viewer a sense of what he/she was seeing. a newcomer to this field is Midland Radio….yes…I said Midland Radio…the same company many of us older folk knew and loved back in the CB radio craze. (yesssum, that was before all these crazy internets). Those of us who chose Midland gear did so because the stuff just worked so when I saw that Midland had an action camera, I just had to get my hands on it and give it a test drive.

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Radio Review: Midland WR-11 Weather Alert

One of the great available features of today’s AM/FM alarm clocks is the inclusion of a weather alert service. As a long-time communications hobbyist, I’ve been tuned in to a cornucopia of weather alert radios for years, but I had never found one that looked great on my night table and doubling in duty as a perfect AM/FM radio with alarm. Enter the Midland WR-11 weather alert radio with – you guessed it – alarm clock. I’m a big fan of Midland’s myriad of radio offerings – in particular, its CB radios. If anyone knows radios, it’s Midland. And Midland knows the importance of owning a weather alert station at home and in the office. With modern weather patterns unpredictable, being prepared can make the difference between life and death.

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Midland Base Camp 2-Way Radio Review

Midland Radio Corporation is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of communications products. They are the leader in the manufacturing of NOAA All Hazards Weather Alert Radios and many other areas including CB radios, 2-way Radios, and more! One of their great emergency radios, the XT511 Base Camp, combines the standard features of a NOAA Weather Radio with a 2-Way Radio receiver to help you communicate during an emergency.

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Are You Storm Aware?

A web search led me to the Midland All Hazards Weather Alert Radio WR-300/301. We received one this week to test. This is the perfect radio to have by your bedside. This radio has a special receiver so that you can be in touch 24/7 with the National Weather Service. One of our favorite features is the programming one. You can easily program for the county or counties of your choice so you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night for a warning in a county that wouldn’t concern you.

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Our Customers

Great Customer Support!

by Miles T.

We all know the saying, “nothing is perfect,” but Midland customer support is pretty close.

I make a living taking pictures and shooting video, often in environments not meant for my studio cameras…when equipment goes down that’s a real problem.  When an issue arose with my XTC400, Midland customer support resolved the problem that afternoon.

Thank you for re-enforcing my decision to go with the XTC400.

ER300: Great Weather Radio Plus More

by Moose Skinner

In my opinion, everyone should have a weather radio that can wake them up in case a storm or something is happening in their area. The Midland ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio is an excellent choice that is full of features.

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Midland ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio

by JDP

No matter where one lives, its a good idea to always be prepared for emergencies. That includes having a reliable emergency radio. My old analog radio has been more then capable of delivering weather alerts. Still I’m always open to upgrades. Unlike the cheap knockoffs, Midland has been a good name in radios for years. After a two week test run, these are my thoughts on the Midland ER300 radio.

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by Rich R.

I purchased Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio over a year ago. About 10 months ago, my 10 year old grandson, Rex, lost one handset in the woods. We live in Ulster County, upstate NY, and had a very rough winter with lots of snow for weeks at a time as well as ice, freezing rain, you name it. This past weekend, Rex and I went hiking on our property and  finally found the lost GTX handset. We plugged it in, charged it and it WORKED PERFECTLY. Congrats on a wonderful and truly hearty product.

Best regards, Rich R, a very happy customer

Midland GXT950 Two Way Radios

by Rusty W.

I use your midland GXT950 walkie talkies for hunting and I felt I needed to tell you this. I was hunting whitetail deer in central pa. on November 26th, 2012. I shot a 7 point buck and while dragging the deer out I lost my walkie talkie. On May 11th,2013 my son and I were up on the mountain scouting where I lost the walkie talkie, and I found it. When we got back to our atv’s I took out the rechargeable battery and put in AA batteries in and it still worked…that’s 5 and a half months out in the weather and still working…Thanks for such a GREAT product.

Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio Review

by Brian Spieker
This is My Midland WR 120 which I won on Facebook. Previously to that I owned a Midland WR 100 which survived 2 intense summers in Kansas, and brutally cold winters North Dakota, and was my side kick at 2 radio stations during storm season.I am a Storm chaser without it I would probably have been seriously injured or killed this last summer as I most likely would have not been as “weather aware” as I needed to be in order to know when to seek shelter or where the storm was and it’s location to where I was. It has been very handy in battery mode while attending motorsports events outdoors, or at the lake while in the boat fishing.

Weather changes fast in my area, storms can pop up and only give little visual notice. That’s why I use Midland. Excellent reception and great audio quality. I would not use anything else even if it was given to me.

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Be notified when the news stations are notified…

by R. Reyes

I purchased this unit 6 months ago with the fear of “tornado season” coming. I live in an area where a tornado is likely with almost every storm. In past years, Easter weekend has been ruined by the destruction of houses in the path of a tornado.

We hear the alarm and listen to the weather service warning BEFORE the news stations can announce the warning on t.v. The WR-300 has been great. The alarm is clearly heard by everyone throughout the house and the display gives a read out of the alert while the alarm is sounding. You can hear the local weather service with the touch of a button or press the AM/FM button and listen to local radio stations of your choice.

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MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio

by Stephen E. Shade

Radio performs as designed and does it well. It replaced an older model that would not pick up a clear signal. We live in the mountains of East Tennessee and this radio’s sound is clear and the signal strong. Easy to set up.

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Great Weather Radio

by Phil

Boy this radio is just as presented..GREAT!!

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Great Radio at a Great Price!

by Mainspring (Texas)

I purchased this WR as a replacement for an older WR. The older WR was a Midland and it had served us well. I looked at many radios and made the decision to purchase this one. It arrived and was as described. The radio was easy to set-up and I had it programmed quickly.

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great selection of options


I chose this model because opt out options are possable. Setup was a bit confusing at first but easy once you get the hang of it.(read the instructions)

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Midland WR-120

by Tim & Jennifer

I have been dreading purchasing a weather radio for some time because they all seem too expensive for just a radio that receives the weather band. But, I figured out that it is time to take this out of the “family” budget. I literally looked at every single weather radio on Amazon. I found out that I want a radio with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) so it will alert for inclement weather. (tornadoes at night are an issue where I live) Most other radios seem to have issues with reliability, reception, or construction–issues I want to avoid. So, I narrowed it down to the Midland radios: WR-100, WR-120, and WR-300.

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Midland WR-120

by Coco

I ordered the Midland WR-120 weather radio April 24 and received it on April the 27. It took me about 5 mintutes to set it up, the manual was very easy to follow. As I was looking on line to see if I did every thing right, and how to tell if the radio was working, the alarm when off telling me my county was under a tornadoes warning. I could not believe this, the TV had just told us we were in the clear. Because of this radio my family and I when to the basement of our home and was safe. I awoke this morning to find others was not so lucking. I believe all home should have a Midland weather radio, I am glad we did.

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Great radio!

by Nathan

This is a really nice radio, with a great deal at!…I’d recommend this radio to anyone who needs a radio and is WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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Nice Unit that Works and Takes Up Minimal Space

by El Officianado

This is a neat low profile weather radio. If I am not mistaken, Midland has been in business for quite some years. I remember their CBs were pretty popular. They make decent quality products. As another reviewer has stated, it takes about 5 minutes to set up this weather radio.

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Great buy on a great product

by John C “John”

I bought this radio for emergency warnings. With satellite TV we often loose the signal during heavy rain storms. With our scanner or radio, we loose the signal when the power goes out. This unit fills the gap and keeps us informed. It works perfectly.

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Midland video review

by E. Yost

I just used the video camera for the first time on a bicycle ride, and I was very impressed with the quality of the picture and the ease of recording and downloading of the video. This unit is well worth the price and has all the quality and features of units costing twice as much.

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hd 1080 action camera

by Eric Shuler

I carried a camcorder with me while stationed in 2005 in Iraq. Unfortunately I did not have a but I wish had a product like Midland Radio XTC300vp4 to take videos. The camera is light weight and comes with four mounts and submersible case. It does not require holding or constantly looking thru a view finder to focus the image. The camera is not intrusive and lets you do your activity without interference.

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Used as a “Guitar cam” and love it!

by Kelly Ann

I found out the Midland XTC wearable Camera was very affordable, compared to similar Cameras. I am blown away by the video I was able to capture on such a simple device.

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Excellent little video recorder

by Charles C. “Cool C”

I researched quite a bit for the right action video camera. For the price, this video can’t be beat.

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Midland GXT760 Two Way Radios - Run Over With A Truck!

by L.S., Eastern Washington State, USA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the toughness and durability of your products. I hunt the foothills of the Cascade Range in Eastern Washington and have been doing so for almost 20 years now. In that time, I’ve learned that I’m hard on my gear due to the fact that the area is nothing but rock faces, deep draws, steep slopes, rain, sleet, snow, ice, wind, and my seemingly innate tendency to encounter all of the above in a single day with the odd fall and dropping of gear thrown into the mix.

Early on I started buying gear that could always be relied upon and Midland Radios were the hands down favorite of those in our camp who understood the need for items that could stand up to any and all of the above. Needless to say, I’ve been using them (with absolute satisfaction) for years and have beaten them up to a fare-thee-well in the process. Despite such abuse, they kept working.

That said, I was not prepared for what happened to one of my Midland GXT 760 radios this year. I was driving onto a local ranch and had gotten out of my truck to open a gate. I didn’t notice that somewhere during that chore, my radio had either fallen from my belt or out of my truck. Having opened the gate, I drove through – rolling directly over the radio. It was found in the path of my tires, pushed into the dirt and rocks of the driveway.

After cleaning it off, I opened it up and noticed that the batteries had been crushed, but that the radio – except for a minor closing tab on the battery cover – seemed to be intact, if not a bit scratched up. Taking the next step, I installed new batteries, re-attached the belt holder, and closed the battery cover, adding a bit of tape to hold it in place as the closing tab had broken off…

When I turned it on, it started up as if nothing had ever happened. I cycled it through all of its functions, found that everything was in order, and continued using it for the rest of the trip and plan on taking it to elk camp with me later this year.

I doubt that anyone at Midland ever thought of running a full-sized pickup over a radio to see what would happen but, somewhere in your design department, there’s an engineer who deserves a pat on the back for, basically, designing a tank cleverly disguised as a working radio.

Needless to say, you have a satisfied customer who will always look to your company whenever he needs to purchase new communications gear.

AWESOME product

by Robert R.

I am emailing you to rave about your two way radios, model # lxt385. I went out
hunting last year down by a river that rises often, I lost my radio and was
pretty upset, as they were brand new. Well I went back down to the same spot
this year, yes a year later in southern Arizona, I found my radio that I lost a year
earlier. Excited, I changed out the battery and it worked like it was brand new.
Took it home and charged it with the battery that was in it when I bought it and
it worked like a charm, I will always buy midland radios I am so impressed. Now
I just need to get the ear buds for the two sets I have. AWESOME product, thank
you so much.


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