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Midland Radio Corporation a Leader in Sustainable Technology

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation, a world leader in consumer and commercial communication products, announced the installation of nearly 200 solar panels over two buildings at their Kansas City, Missouri corporate headquarters. The solar panels went live just before the holidays in 2011 and will contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts for years to come.

“With the current world-wide focus on the environment, we recognized that solar panels would offer multiple benefits,” says Dan Devling, President of Midland.  “Not only does Midland become more sustainable by using less energy, but we also save money that can be allocated toward improving and advancing the technology of our products. Everybody wins,” adds Devling.

With the ability to generate approximately 68,000 kilowatt hours per year, the solar panels will pay for themselves in less than 5 years. After that time, the installation will continue saving Midland money by cutting electricity costs every year. Approximately 15% of Midland’s energy usage will be offset by the panels.

Contractor for the project Kevin Good, President of Good Energy Solutions, Inc. said, “We are very pleased to work with such an established, well-respected company that sees the long-term value in solar technologies.” He added, “Midland obviously did their due diligence and when it made good business sense, they did not hesitate to partner with the sun to generate their own clean energy.”

Solar panels have become an attractive investment for businesses and homeowners thinking long-term. With benefits like reducing pollution and carbon emissions and virtually no maintenance requirements, along with some of the best local incentives in the country in Missouri, solar panels make sense both for Midland and for the community.