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Midland Donates Radios to Texas State Guard for Hurricane Preparations

In addition to direct communication, theses radios, Midland Model GXT710, include the all hazards weather alert feature, providing continuous access to broadcasts and emergency alerts from the National Weather Service, thus making them ideal for use during hurricanes and other emergency situations.

Midland actively promotes emergency preparedness in the U.S. and Canada, and is a leader in providing reliable communication tools. Midland is providing these radios, with range up to 30 miles, in value packs (Model GXT710VP3) that include rechargeable batteries and chargers for more economical use over long periods of time.  “Model GXT710 is very popular due to its long range, access to all hazards weather alerts, and durability. Plus, the addition of the rechargeable capability allows continuous communication without the need to maintain a supply of extra batteries,” said Michelle Truax, Midland Marketing Communications Manager. “The radios will be very helpful to the Guard teams monitoring the Texas/Gulf coastline.”

Besides receiving weather information and alerts for severe weather events like tornadoes, flash floods and hurricanes, Model GXT710 also receive alerts for civil emergencies such as amber alerts, bio-hazard or chemical spills, and nuclear power plant warnings. “Our main mission is to provide emergency services and conduct shelter operations during any emergencies that may occur within the state of Texas. These radios will be tremendously helpful when we are helping people in need,” said Peter Parcher, First Battalion, Second Regiment, Texas State Guard.  “We take our role as the leader in All Hazards Weather Alert Radios very seriously. Our mission is to continue to supply the public with reliable, quality-proven products that very well could save their lives,” commented Bruce Thomas, Midland Chief Meteorologist and National Spokesperson for Weather Products. “The sooner you hear of impending danger, the faster you and your family can seek safety.”