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Midland CB Radios Feature Important NOAA Weather Radio Technology

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation, manufacturers of high-quality CB radios for over 40 years, is proud to feature three models that incorporate important NOAA weather radio technology. With the ability to monitor local weather and hazard information, Midland’s 9001z, 1001LWX, and 75-822 models can help keep drivers informed as to the latest conditions.

“We are proud to offer this technology,” says Charlie Speights, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Midland. “It is only fitting that since Midland is a national leader in weather alert radio technology that we promote weather safety,” added Speights. “We not only provide access to NOAA weather channels on our CB radios, but they are also included in many of our GMRS 2-Way, Marine, Weather, and Emergency Crank radios.”

Two CB radio models, the 9001z and the 1001LWX, also offer Weather Scan Technology to automatically scan for the first active weather channel. This can help keep drivers informed about potential hazardous conditions.

In addition to the weather features, these CB radios also offer access to channels 9 and 19 for emergency situations and road conditions. Featuring 4-watt output power, the maximum power allowed on the market to give users the greatest range of communication, Midland CB radios work to keep drivers informed while on the road.