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Midland BT Next Bluetooth Headset Advances Market Technology

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation is pleased to introduce the BT Next, their newest Bluetooth stereo intercom for communication on two wheels. With one of the longest distance ranges available in the U.S. (up to 1 mile), the BT Next combination headset offers Bluetooth connections to Smartphones, MP3 players, and GPS devices.

“The Midland BT Next is the best solution for the most demanding motor bike users,” said Charlie Speights, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Midland. “With one of the longest range capabilities on the market and the ability to converse with up to four riders, the BT Next is the obvious choice for communication while riding.”

Thanks to VOX technology, the intercom connection and telephone answering and dialing functions are voice activated, leaving hands free to concentrate on the road. With a design that is compact and aerodynamic, the BT Next is equipped with three buttons that can easily be felt and used (even while wearing gloves) without compromising riding safety. In addition, AGC technology adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed so volume is automatically controlled without having to push a button.

“In addition to the safety advantages, the BT Next also offers the benefit of a programmable USB connection to keep the unit up-to-date,” says Dan Callen, National Account Sales Manager for the Midland BT Next. “This allows users to configure the unit and update the firmware quickly via the web to stay current with continually advancing technology,” adds Callen.

Available in 2012 across the United States, the BT Next has already received rave reviews overseas. “We are looking forward to introducing this product in the United States and know that it will be met with excitement,” says Speights.

Offering pure and uncompromising technology to riders around the world, the BT Next is truly the leader of the pack.