Midland Announces Three New MicroMobile® Radios

Oct 31, 2016  |    |  Press Releases


**UPDATE: The MXT105 will be available in mid-December, not mid-November as previously stated.

Las Vegas, Nev. — After the success of the MXT100 MicroMobile two-way radio, Midland Radio has announced the release of three new MicroMobile radios at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

With the initial success and popularity of the innovative MXT100 in the offroading, overlanding, ATV/UTV and other auto markets, Midland Radio will now expand the line to three radios. Launched in 2015, the MXT100 represented a significant advance in GMRS two-way communication with the 5-watt MXT100.

The three new MicroMobile versions: the MXT105, MXT115, and MXT400, all build on the popular design platform and add new features to further benefit avid off-road, UTV, overland, rock-crawl, and sand sports enthusiasts. As with the original MXT100, the three new models offer silent operation capabilities, programmable squelch, backlit displays, and 142 privacy codes. The new MXT105 and MXT115 models include detachable antennas with magnetic mounts and introduce NOAA Weather Radio technology to the MicroMobile line with weather scan technology in both models and additional weather alert technology in the MXT115 version.

•The MXT105 features 5 watts of power broadcast across 15 high-power GMRS Channels.
•The MXT115 boasts 15 watts of power with the addition of 8 repeater channels, drastically improving the range of the unit and any units communicating with it in the field. At a retail price of $149.99, the MXT115 also includes the useful addition of a USB charging port in the faceplate, giving a convenient option to charge other devices.
•The immensely powerful MXT400 completes the updated MicroMobile product line with 40 watts of power across 15 high power GMRS channels and benefitting from 8 repeater channels at a retail price of $249.99.

The MXT115 and MXT400 will go on sale in early 2017, while the MXT105 will be available in mid-December this year. More information will be available as the release dates near.

For more information about the new MicroMobile line, visit Midland Radio at 2016 SEMA booth No. 38005, in the SEMA New Product Showcase, or reach out to the Midland Radio PR team for details.

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