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Midland Adds Flat Port Dive Lens to XTC Wearable Video Camera Accessories

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation, maker of the XTC Wearable Video Camera, has released a new addition to their line of accessories for the XTC Wearable Action Camera. The flat port dive lens provides users of the XTC300 series cameras with maximum underwater sharpness. While the XTC cameras have always been waterproof to 100 feet while enclosed in the submersible case, the flat port dive lens reduces distortion and provides crisp, clear underwater video in 1080p high definition.

Rather than having to purchase this accessory separately, the flat port dive lens now comes standard with the purchase of the XTC300VP4 or XTC350VP4. Easily secured onto the submersible case, the flat port dive lens joins the universal mount, helmet strap mount, goggle mount, submersible case, and handlebar mount included with the XTC300VP4.

“What’s really great is that our XTC cameras already come with some of the most complete sets of mounts and accessories on the market, making them very versatile and user-friendly right out of the box,” said Charlie Speights, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He added, “We are excited to present this addition to meet the needs of our customers.”

Ideal for diving, snorkeling, and almost any other underwater activity, the addition of the flat port lens contributes to Midland’s reputation for producing quality products and listening to the needs of their customers. “Because of the popularity of the XTC camera in the dive community, we made a commitment to ensure great underwater video could be filmed with our XTC cameras,” says Mike Felix, responsible for Action Sports Marketing & Promotions at Midland. “The flat port dive lens is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to capture their adventure under water,” Felix said.

While currently shipping with all 300 series XTC cameras, the flat port lens will soon be available at selected retailers and online at www.midlandusa.com for all XTC300 Series cameras.