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Introducing Midland’s First GMRS X-Talker Handheld Two-Way Radio

In 2015, Midland launched our brand new line of X-Talker handheld two-way radios. This line of FRS walkie talkies was built on providing clear transmission, reception, and sound quality. These powerful and user-friendly two-way radios quickly became a favorite communication tool for hunters, campers, and outdoor adventurers.

Continuing our commitment to innovation and providing the most reliable communication solutions, we are proud to announce our first ever GMRS X-Talker two-way radio.

Introducing Midland’s T290 & T295: The First GMRS X-Talker Two-Way Radio

midlands gmrs x-talker handheld two way radios in black with silver faceplate and in mossy oak camo

The GMRS X-Talker comes in 2 models. The T290VP4 is the traditional black radio with a silver face plate, while the T295VP4 features Mossy Oak Breakup Country camo. Both radios come with rechargeable battery packs, a desktop charger, belt clips, and a pair of headsets.

These powerful radios offer Xtreme Range with up to 40 miles–line of sight–of communication. Both versions of this X-Talker showcase a new sleek yet durable design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. But don’t let the compact size fool you! These easy-to-use radios come packed with features like Midland’s signature Weather Scan & Alert Technology, 5 call tones, hands-free operation, varied power levels to extend battery life, and 22 channels with an extra 14 privacy code channels. Additionally the radio have adjustable backlit displays making it easy to adapt to low light conditions.

Now you have the power to choose the X-Talker that’s right for you whether it’s a GMRS or FRS radio.

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