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Father’s Day Gift Guide

These gifts are no joke!

Fathers teach us so much about life. How to be adventurous and work through our fears, the importance of being prepared when taking on new challenges, and how to have fun and laugh at ourselves (or them). How do dad’s make us laugh? A classic dad joke of course. What better way to help them spread their sense of humor than to give them the gift of communication? Below are some tech gifts dads will love as well as some corny dad jokes you know you love to hate.

For the Adventurous Dad:

“Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it’s too far to walk!”

Have a dad that loves to be able to get out and explore? Lightweight yet durable handheld radios can help to insure clear communication for any escapade. Camping, hunting, biking, hiking; you name it. A set of radios and accessories with a heavy duty carrying case is the perfect gift for a dad that is always on the prowl for his next adventure.

For the Always Prepared Dad:

“I gave all my dead batteries away today…Free of charge.”

Dads can usually be relied on for great advice when it comes to preparation. They tell us what to have in a car for emergencies, keep us informed on bad weather updates, and are usually the first person we call when we have failed to listen to his warnings and need help. Multi-functional tools and gadgets are this father’s dream. An emergency NOAA weather radio with multiple sustainable power options, flashlight, dog whistle, and USB chargeability is the all-in-one device any prepared dad would love to have.

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For the All-Wheel Drive Dad:

“I had a dream that I was a muffler last night. I woke up exhausted!”

For the dad on the go that still loves toys, as long as they have wheels? Whether off-roading, over-landing, or caravanning through rough terrains having a portable GMRS base station in a vehicle is a dream. Make the dream a reality with a MicroMobile 2-way radio that easily connects with other units and handhelds for clear communication during out-of-bounds adventuring.

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For any dad, being able to stay connected, whether through the latest technology or with a simple “lame” joke, is a gift that keeps on giving. One last piece of advice – don’t buy anything with Velcro…it’s a total ripoff. Happy Fathers day!