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Challenge your Action Camera Skills

Adrenaline junkies want a POV camera mount for everything—head, helmets, goggles, trees, bows, handle bars, and more. But the really creative types can find new uses for everything. Don’t let the fact that a mount was designed for a certain application limit your fun; let your imagination soar!

For instance, put your POV camera on a kite and take your imaging to new heights. Which POV camera mount should you use? Even though the cameras are light-weight, you will probably need a fairly large kite, so a bow mount comes to mind. But why not experiment?

Another way to get your camera in the clouds is to use a radio controlled (RC) plane or helicopter. Make sure the plane can carry the camera, and you will need to position the POV camera mount near the plane’s center of gravity. Aerodynamics might also be a consideration.

If you want to go all out—or just way, way up—try putting your camera on a model rocket. You may want to experiment with a mock-up of about the same size and weight as the camera first.

If you want to stay down to earth, you could place your POV camera on a radio controlled car and go cruising places you might not go otherwise. Or you might just want to get a toy’s-eye view of the world.

How about a bride’s perspective on her wedding day? No, don’t mount the camera on the bride; place the camera in the bouquet. It doesn’t add much weight, it won’t be seen, and it provides a truly unique perspective in a wedding video.

For a really different perspective, record a day in the life of your pet. Ever wonder where your dog or cat goes when you’re not around? Pick a POV camera mount suitable for your pet and take a look.

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