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Capture Your Life: Everyday Uses for Action Video Cameras

So you’re not into sky diving, scuba diving or high diving, and you don’t ski or skate—but you just invested as much of your hard-earned cash as you could afford in the XTC video camera from Midland because they are so easy to use.

Great news: you don’t have to be an action junkie to get good use out of an XTC action video camera. In fact, they’re great for recording babies. Yes, babies.

Babies want to see your face. It’s what they react to. And you want to see their reaction. Most cameras cover up your face or distract the baby. Want to make your baby memories the best? POV camera all the way, baby. It leaves your hands and face free.

How about catching quality time with the kids? When babies become toddlers, you need free hands and an unobstructed view to help keep them safe. It’s the best POV camera use possible. You get to record those magic moments the way you saw them, without seeing them the first time through a lens or small screen. You can focus on the fun and your family instead of the camera.

With a waterproof submersible case, you can even catch the action at the pool or on the beach. Your hands are free to swim, and you don’t have to worry about not getting the POV camera wet. If your idea of whitewater rafting is tubing on a tranquil lake, you can relax and still catch the action, even if it is more tranquil than action-packed.

Don’t forget to record your adventures at an amusement park. Experiment and find the best angle to capture the thrill of your favorite ride, whether it’s a monster coaster or a pony on the carousel. Whatever your style, an action video camera lets you keep your hands and eyes free while you record your life—or the lives of those important to you.

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