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Calling All Hunters: Gear Up for Spring Turkey Season

With spring turkey season fast approaching, hunters are getting their gear in order. When packing your hunting bag, be sure to take a set of Midland two-way radios. The perfect choice for all hunters, the GXT1050VP4 two-way radios help ensure access to hunting partners and weather updates. Outfitted in Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®* camouflage, this set of two-ways comes equipped with features that hunters love.

The Midland GXT1050 two-ways have a range up to 36 miles and are JIS4 waterproof making these radios operable in many conditions. For a quiet hunt, the radios can be set to Silent Operation and Whisper Mode which disable all radio tones and allow the speaker to only whisper and still be heard by others. The radios also come with a vibrate feature to silently alert users of incoming radio calls.

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*Mossy Oak® is a registered trademark of Haas Outdoors, Inc.