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The Great Outdoors is well — great — and this often means for those who like to spend their free time adventuring and traveling, cell phone reception is not always reliable or even available. Keep in touch on your next journey with the brand new X-TALKER T61VP3 two-way radio by Midland Radio Corporation, which integrates the latest in technological advancements with the world-class value the company has become known for. From Midland’s legendary weather alert radio feature and impressive long range to its hands-free operation and multiple charging options, this lightweight, yellow and black radio delivers clear transmission, reception and sound quality and will have the additional features you need for adventure travel.

Up to 32 miles, the X-TALKER T61VP3 offers a more reliable range of communication as well as 36 clear and crisp communication channels, plus simple operation and easy button access. Midland’s cutting-edge radio technology uses less power to achieve the same signal (vs. previous models). This translates into stronger, clearer performance giving you the ability to have great reception and at even greater distances. It can even save battery life while using low power channels. In addition, the radio has 121 privacy codes which gives you up to 2,662 channel options to help you block out other conversations and is built to be less sensitive to interference which makes for a better receiver, with impressive sound quality.

Backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty, the X-TALKER T61VP3 is water-resistant and built tough to handle the wear and tear of everything from an extreme expedition to family camping trips. The radio functions as a weather alert radio employing the company’s advanced weather technology which works to automatically lock on to your local weather channel and will alert you to severe weather – an important feature when traveling in the outdoors with potential severe weather which can spring up within minutes.

The design team implemented a variety of power options making the X-TALKER T61VP3 an extremely flexible device and able to be used in a number of outdoor settings. The radio is powered by two 700mAh rechargeable battery backs (included) or by three traditional AAA batteries (not included) – perfect for backup situations. The radios slip easily into a convenient drop-in charger or can also connect power directly to the radio using a micro USB charging cable. With the new Rapid-Recharge feature, you can power up the rechargeable battery packs without waiting overnight to use the radios like standard two-way radios. The radio also has Hi/Lo power settings in order to adjust your transmission power and conserve battery life.

Finally, these superior radios have been designed with smart features you will use whether you’re trekking a 10-mile trail or traveling in a caravan. These include the radio’s monitor mode, which routinely checks for any activity within your channel, as well as eVox hands-free operation that activates with easy voice recognition. And, all the other bells and whistles which make for a high-quality Midland radio are also built in including 5 call alerts, auto squelch, roger beep, a backlit (LCD) display, keypad lock, silent operation, a low battery indicator, keystroke tones, a battery meter and a headphone jack.

The X-TALKER T61VP3 measures a mere 6.1” x 2.2” x 1.3” and has an MSRP of $69.99.

The T61VP3 radio is part of the 2015 X-TALKER Series which includes 8 new models from $29.99 to $89.99 with a comprehensive set of features to meet any outdoor communication needs.