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Business Radios + MicroMobiles in One Operation? Yes You Can

If you are familiar with Midland products, you may know we produce several different types of radios – weather radios, emergency radios, MicroMobiles®, walkie talkies, CBs, business radios, etc. These don’t always overlap so it’s a fun day when we find someone who successfully utilizes several different kinds of Midland products. Frank Diaz of Land Cruiser Heaven uses both BizTalk radios in his small business operation and MicroMobiles® and handhelds in his off-roading vehicles.

Land Cruiser Heaven is an enthusiast-owned Land Cruiser only shop. They service, restore, outfit, and customize Toyota Land Cruisers. Frank uses the BizTalk BR200 with his employees in his business and the MicroMobile® MXT400, MXT275, and X-Talker GXT1000VP4 with his overlanding rigs. We recently spoke to Frank about his experience with our radios in his operation.


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How did you get into overlanding/outfitting vehicles?

This has always been a big passion of mine. I grew up around Land Cruisers in Colombia. Offroading and overlanding is a lifestyle; building these trucks allows us to get out and see how awesome our world is.

Have you tested out range with our MicroMobiles®?

I am a HAM operator, and using the MicroMobiles®, I was surprised on its clarity and range in comparison to the HAM radios. I was impressed and have since added a MicroMobile® unit into my overlanding rig.

use your MXT400 with your overlanding vehicle

Midland MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

How do you use MicroMobiles®/handhelds together?

We integrate the Mobile units with the handhelds constantly out on the trails when our copilot gets out and spots the driver via the handhelds, or at basecamp. They are very functional. We have also used them when we were at Disney; we had a huge group and we used them to stay in touch. The kids love using them.

How do the business radios help your operation’s efficiency?

The business radios have allowed us to bridge the gap in our communications. Before we would use our phone intercom, or we would have to go all over finding someone like me. Now my guys pick up the radio and get an answer right away. This allows us to be more efficient with our time.

Use the GXT1000 in your business operations

Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio

Do you think business radios would be beneficial for other businesses?

Totally. There are many industries that require constant communications. We love our radios and they have become an essential tool for our day to day communication.

Use the BR200 in your daily business operations

Midland BizTalk® BR200 Business Radio

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Honestly, it’s being able to do what I love. I am blessed to be able to work in what I am most passionate about. Land Cruisers are a part of my life. Being able every day to spread that passion with others is what makes it all worthwhile.


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Any advice for people using radios in workplace/while overlanding?

Make sure you have a belt holder for the radio, they can easily be misplaced, ask me how I know. And in overlanding, the use of radios allows everyone to know what is going on. Last year we did an Overlanding expedition of Colombia. We took 5 trucks and the radio became pivotal in our success. There are a lot of two-lane roads in Colombia and many curves and blind spots. Sometimes being behind a slow vehicle for a long time can be frustrating. So me the leader, would overtake the slow truck first, and then drive up ahead letting the next guy behind me know that he is CLEAR to pass the slow truck, even at blind spots or curves. They place a huge trust on me to make sure I relay the correct information as it can be very dangerous. The radios did their job well. This is where teamwork and great communications come together.

It’s not hard to find different uses for radio communication, as Land Cruiser Heaven does daily. Whether you use them for family, business, overlanding, or emergency situations, there is a Midland radio for you. You can find more information about Land Cruiser Heaven on their website or Instagram page @landcruiserheaven.