How do I get an FCC Licensee?
The FCC Website has the information on what you need to get your Business License, please visit this site for more info.

How long do I have to get an FCC license before I can operate my radio?
Prior to using our radio, you must apply for an FCC license. You may begin using your radio 10 days after filing for your Business Radio license.

How do I program my Business Radio?
Go to to download the programming software on this page.

I’m having problems programming my radio, what is the next step?
Contact Midland Customer service at 1-816-241-8500 ext 259 and they can walk you through the programming software.

My radio is making a loud continuous beep on Channel ___. What is the reason for this?
If you hear a loud continuous beep on any channel, that means there is not a frequency programmed for that particular channel.

Can my existing Motorola CLS talk to the Midland BR200 radio?
Yes, the first pre-programmed channels in the BR200 match the 1st 4 pre-programmed channels in the Motorola CLS radio.

Can my existing Kenwood Business radio talk to the Midland BR200 radio?
Maybe, if it is the PKT-23 radio, yes. The 1st 2 pre-programmed channels on the Kenwood PKT-23 are the same pre-programmed channels on the BR200.

I have two radios programmed to the same frequency, but I can only hear transmissions on one of them
You will need to make sure that both radios are programmed to the same frequency and the same privacy tone. This can be done through the programming software.

I have had my BR200 radio for a while now and the antenna has broken. Are there replacement parts available?
The antenna and knobs on the radio are under a 90-day warranty, if the antenna has broke during the 90 day warranty timeframe, please contact customer service for warranty repair. 1-816-241-8500 ext 259. Outside the 90 days, please call customer service and we will work with you on getting a replacement part.

My assigned frequency from the FCC is not one of the frequency provided in the programming software, what do I do?
If the frequency is between 450 – 470 please send the Radio with all of the FCC documentation to Midland and we will program the radio for you.
If it is outside of the 450 – 470 frequency range, we are not able to support that frequency with the BR200.