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Best Practices For Sanitizing Your Walkie Talkies

Best Practices For Sanitizing Your Walkie-Talkies


With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the rise, it’s extremely important to take extra precautions when disinfecting device that are shared among a group of people.  To avoid the spread of any virus, you’ll want to ensure that you are properly cleaning and sanitizing your walkie talkies after each use. Walkie talkies can easily collect thousands of germs just from holding and speaking into them. Below are some helpful tips on how to properly sanitize your radio, without doing any damage. 

How To Tips for Sanitizing Your Walkie Talkies

Tips On How To Clean Your Radio:

  • Always ensure that the radios are turned OFF before cleaning them.
  • Do NOT submerge the radios into any cleaning liquid, or spray the cleaner directly onto the radio. This can cause over-saturation. Liquid could soak into cracks on the device, and potentially cause serious damage.
  • An antibacterial wipe is one reliable way to properly sanitize your walkie talkie. But before using it, make sure to squeeze out all of the excess liquid in the wipe. It can still be damp to the touch, just not dripping with cleaner.   
  • Last but not least, the best method for cleaning & sanitizing your walkie talkies is to apply/spray an anti-bacterial cleaner directly to a microfiber cloth, and then use that cloth to clean your radio.
  • Once again, always making sure that the cloth isn’t soaking wet—to avoid over-saturating your radio and potentially causing damage.

It is important to do the best you can to prevent any spread of germs at this time.  An easy way to help is to simply clean your walkie talkie after each use!