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Ask a Farmer: Harvest Communications How-To with Paul Sip

Happy harvest season! With farmers across the country harvesting their crops, we thought we would talk to one of our farming experts about everything harvest. We reached out to Paul Sip, a Minnesota farmer who raises corn, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat, for his take on using comms during the harvest season.

When and why did you start farming? Is this a family farm?

My dad has farmed his whole life. My older brother decided not to farm so that left an opening for me to come on to the farm.


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What Midland comms equipment do you use and for what?

In our tractors and combines, we have all MXT115s. And a few of our trucks also and in my pickup I have the MXT400 so I can get a little more distance. We also have a lot of handhelds for some of the trucks or odd jobs.

Get the MXT115 for your harvesting needs

Are you able to get good range with Midland products?

Very happy with the range. We get we can usually go about 20 miles. 15 miles is always good.

What other products are essential for farmers during harvest?

A good meal to keep working the long hours.

If you could give other farmers one tip about harvesting, what would it be?

Don’t stress out it’ll get done eventually.


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You can follow Paul around on the farm on his YouTube channel Paul Sip. Here you can find information on everything from beet harvesting to combining in the Minnesota snow. Or for a good dose of Americana, follow his Instagram @_american_farmer. On this page you’ll see day-to-day life on a Minnesota family farm, including documenting planting and harvesting, talking with lawmakers about farming and the economy, and even getting the kids involved in the farming process.